Formatting Guidelines

Papers must be at most 12 pages, including figures, tables, and references. Papers must be typeset using the 2017 ACM Master article template. Detailed instructions are here. Please start with the sample-sigconf.tex example. Authors must not alter any of the formatting aspects defined in the template, such as layout, margins, or font sizes. In particular, authors must use the default 9pt font size at the submission stage.

These formatting guidelines apply regardless of those in the previous years. Failure to follow these guidelines, particularly the use of a different template or a font size, will lead to immediate rejection.

Anonymization and Plagiarism

Paper submissions are double-blind so authors must anonymize their submissions. References to the authors' own previous work must not be omitted, but referred to in third person so authors can consult existing references.

Authors must guarantee that the manuscript has not been previously published or accepted for publication (in any substantially similar form) in any conference, journal, or other archived (e.g., in the ACM Digital Library or the IEEE Xplore) proceedings of an earlier workshop. The authors must also guarantee that no paper that contains significant overlap with their submission is under review for any other conference or journal or an archived proceedings of a workshop during the IPSN review period.

Only exceptions to these rules are workshops without archived proceedings, technical reports, notes, public websites such as ArXiv, or blogs that are not peer reviewed. The information on where else the paper appears must, however, be provided on the submission form; the PC chair will make this information available to the reviewers if it becomes necessary to ensure a fair review. This policy will be explicitly conveyed to the reviewers. If you are in doubt, please contact the PC chairs for clarifcation before submitting your paper.

Finally, please also note that the ACM Plagiarism Policy covers a range of ethical issues concerning the misrepresentation of other works or one's own work. Violation of any of these conditions will lead to rejection.


Papers may be submitted as single PDF files through this weblink.
For submission of posters and demos, see the Posters/Demos page.