Aircraft Localization Competition

This competition is about finding the best methods to localize aircraft based on crowdsourced air traffic control communication data. The data is collected by the OpenSky Network, a large-scale ADS-B sensor network for research. OpenSky was first presented at the IEEE/ACM IPSN conference in Berlin in 2014 in this paper. As of today, the OpenSky Network continuously collects air traffic control data from thousands of aircraft. This data is received and streamed to Opensky over the Internet by a crowd operating more than 1000 sensors. The goal of the competition is to determine the positions of all aircraft which do not have position reporting capabilities or may report wrong locations. To do so, competitors will rely on time of arrival and signal strength measurements reported by many different sensors. Although methods like multilateration are long known, this data poses new challenges because most of the low-cost sensors are not time synchronized or calibrated. Competitors will therefore have to face different kinds of noise, ranging from clock drifts, inaccurate sensor locations, or broken timestamps due to software bugs.

For more details and the latest updates, please visit the competition's official webpage.

Bosch Device Free Localization

Following on the success of the Microsoft Indoor Localization Competition, and before it, the 2007 IPSN Extreme Sensing Competition, we call for participants in the Bosch Device-Free Localization Competition at CPS-IoT Week 2019. Although there are hundreds of research papers which use RF measurements from commercial wireless communications devices to perform localization, gesture and activity recognition, vital sign monitoring, and other applications, there is little public information directly comparing the performance of different systems against each other. A competition offers an opportunity to make this direct comparison. The results can help the research community come to conclusions and discover important new directions for research that will have critical impact.

For more details and the latest updates, please visit the competition's official webpage.